Humans pollute the air everyday,

even though we can not live without it.

Global warming is everyones problem!


The air of our atmosphere is vital for all aerobic creatures. Only in an environment with clean air, humans and animal can live in a healthy way. Global warming drastically illustrates the importance of balanced conditions and temperatures of the atmosphere. Stabilizing these temperatures is the best way to avoid natural disasters related to climatic conditions.


The climate above the surface of the soil is one factor that determines how fast soil degrades and water evaporates. By planting trees (see page 43) around the fields, we achieve several effects, on top of a pleasant scent: The trees break the wind so that it cannot blow away the top soil; the shade brings cooler and more humid air, which creates a micro climate among the surrounding tree lines of a field; the photosynthesis of the trees uses carbon dioxide and emits the needed oxygen instead; and in the long term, the groundwater level slowly rises because of the cooler surface and brings additional micro-climatic change.


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Green waste into carbon credits


By processing the green waste of SEKEM and of surrounding farms into compost (as opposed to conventional waste management methods), greenhouse gas emissions are decreased substantially. In 2011, a total amount of 79,500 VERs (Verified Emissions Reductions) was issued by the TUEV certification body for our methane avoiding composting method. One credit (= one VER) offsets one tonne of CO2 emissions. We then trade those received carbon credits internationally.


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