Heliopolis University

Logo of the Heliopolis University For Sustainable Development

The Heliopolis University is the first of its kind in the region of North Africa / MENA that is devoted to the principles of sustainable development. Amongst others founded by the SEKEM Development Foundation and the Abouleish Foundation the vision of sustainable development becomes manifest in one of the most important sectors of Egypt's future: education.

The Heliopolis University is established according to the Presidential decree No.298 for the Year 2009, as a private non-profit University in accordance with Law No. 101/1992, which governs the establishment of private universities in Egypt.



Vision of Heliopolis University



Heliopolis University seeks to achieve sustainable development through innovative and comprehensive education that enables the students to meet the current and future challenges of earth and community in a specialized and sustainable way.




Heliopolis University will attract students from the young people who have a strong drive to excel, the ability to think independently and to participate in the sustainable development of their community


Heliopolis University provides its students with advanced academic potential to enable them to develop their critical, analytical and innovative traits to reach sound decisions and innovative solutions to the problems of the society.  The University responds to the requirements of universal education and interdisciplinary research areas as well as state of the art training and practical programs that provide knowledge and skills necessary to qualify future leaders.

Heliopolis University graduates will be specialist at the highest level in various fields of science

Heliopolis University devotes all capacities to create an exceptional educational milieu, focused on the student, empowered by academic freedom, social responsibility and excellence. Education will be based on modern technology and intercultural experience hand in hand with involvement with public and private sectors, service institutions, industry and entrepreneurs.


Heliopolis University is considered to be a cradle for human thinking, and a leading center for the preparation and development of human resources. Heliopolis University aims at spreading the Egyptian culture and deepening its roots. It aims forming a contemporary human being at both the scientific and human level .The university also contributes to the sustainable development of community while maintaining its genesis, moreover it also works to shed the light on the legacy of this society.

Heliopolis University covers all academic studies at all stages and levels in the branches of humanities, arts, and sciences; this includes engineering, management, economics, physiotherapy, bio agriculture, biotechnology and other branches of knowledge. Moreover the university considers keeping pace with contemporary developments and meeting the challenges posed by the ongoing sweeping revolution in renewable science, communication and information and requirements of the implications of globalization.

Heliopolis University has a fundamental interest for applied scientific research to serve the overall development in all areas of economic, social and health services. The University has the most up to date equipment and state of the art, laboratories and integrated libraries. The university believes in the importance of cooperation and exchange of experiences with universities in different countries around the world. Scholarships and missions abroad are among the priorities of the university 


University faculties

1-     Engineering and Technology

2-     Economics and Business administration

3-     Pharmacy and Drug technology

4-     Biodynamic Agriculture

5-     Physiotherapy

6-     Nursing

7-     Social Sciences

8-     Media and Mass communication

9-     Applied Arts


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