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Sustainable Development in 4 Dimensions Since 1977

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On the 15th of June 2018, the first commemoration day of my fathers’ earthly farewell, we published our Vision 2057. As my father took a look into the future 40 years ago and created a vision for sustainable human, environmental and economic development, we also took a look ahead and summarized our mission and goals for a sustainable Egypt. No matter, whether it is about 100% Organic agriculture, an Economy of Love or the free potential unfolding, human development is always in the focus of all our activities and plans.
Let me emphasize the integrated nature of this new SEKEM report, that traditionally reflects on our holistic development approach. This is why we name it the SEKEM Report. Every year now, we want to put a special focus on two of the 18 SEKEM Vision Goals: 100% Organic Egypt and Zero Waste. In the following report you will find more details on these two 2018 main topics.
We framed our Vision for 2057 knowingly very positive – for some it might even sound crazy – although we are aware of the challenges of the past years, which continue until today (namely the devaluation of the Egyptian currency (2016) and the associated inflation) as we believe in miracles and a promising future. This report is an example of how we can still promote sustainable development within a challenging environment – not least, thanks to our reliable partners and like minded friends around the globe.
As we did, when summarizing our future Vision 2057, we now confidently look forward to what is coming from the future towards us and to what we can shape into the future.
Helmy Abouleish CEO, SEKEM Holding


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logo-economy SEKEMs economic year 2018 was again strongly characterized by reliable partnerships and supporters. Since the Egyptian revolution SEKEMs companies face various challenges. But thanks to SEKEMs reliable and committed network of partners, who continuously supported SEKEM, even though they were aware of the difficulties, SEKEM is getting back on track.
logo-societal-life SEKEM has been working in finding, evaluating and developing new forms of governance, continued working on the question on how to further gain resilience and how to spread the idea of SEKEM. The SEKEMSophia project has been established and launched and workshops have been conducted successfully.
logo-cultural-life Supporting the potential and consciousness development of each individual in the community lies at SEKEM’s core. 2018 had been a year that was strongly determined by building new bases for human and cultural development for the future, including the inauguration of the faculty of physical therapy and faculty of organic agriculture at Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development.
logo-ecology With applying biodynamic agriculture according to Rudolf Steiner everything started in 1977. In the past 40 years with this holistic agricultural practice many hectares of former desert lands have been reclaimed and thousands of people benefit from the advantages. Hence, also in 2018 progress in different ecological ways took place in SEKEM and Egypt.
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Sustainable Development in Our Everyday Life

codeofconductSEKEM was founded with the idea of sustainable development and building of a prosperous future for the surrounding communities and Egypt. The vision that brought Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish to dig the first well in the vast desert land still resounds in SEKEMs approach of conducting business. Like a compass, the vision, mission and values guide the employees in the everyday work in all SEKEM companies.

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Reporting Sustainable Development

SEKEM Report 2018

SEKEM has developed its annual sustainability report since 2007 in order to measure its performance within the different aspects of sustainable development. This report is meant as an internal reporting and measurement tool, however share it transparently with whomever is interest to read it.

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The Sustainability Flower

Sustainabililty FlowerThe Sustainability Flower reflects the fourfoldness of sustainable development, with the ecological dimension broken down into separate elements and spheres. The Sustainability Flower represents a management, assessment and communication tool symbolizing the concept of sustainable development in its four dimensions (economic life, societal life, cultural life and ecology with its six sub dimensions).

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Food Security

SEKEM is convinced that only sustainable agricultural methods such as Biodynamic agriculture can secure the rising food demand of the coming 50 years. Here is a short explanation of food security and SEKEM’s opinion how to address the problem.

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