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Sustainable Development in 4 Dimensions Since 1977

SEKEM is committed to sustainable development since 1977. This is a continuous development journey without final destination. However, this journey requires to have targets which can be measured and benchmarked in order to keep track of the developments and to always realign the day-to-day operations to the vision and purpose of the initiative.
The year 2016 has been difficult for Egypt and SEKEM. Three consecutive devaluations hit the economy hard and increased prices within the local market, also due to increased import costs. SEKEM and its subsidiaries have been impacted by these devaluations as well. Still, SEKEM was able to keep all its initiatives and activities active, including the schools, the program to empower women, or the constant projects in the fields of arts and culture. The Heliopolis University has enrolled more than 1000 students and started to plan its second phase, including the establishment of the faculty of sustainable agriculture and the faculty for physiotherapy. The House of Cultures is another important part of the second phase and shall become a place where cultural exchange shall be fostered through arts, music and events.
The past year has been difficult, yet, it has been wonderful as well. We strongly believe in sustainable development and a sustainable future for all of us, but are fully aware of the long way we all still have ahead of us. Still, we are enthusiastic and motivated to move on together with all our partners, friends and networks, who believe in us and who supported us tremendously during the past 40 years.
Helmy Abouleish CEO, SEKEM Holding


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logo-economy SEKEMs economic year 2016 was strongly characterized by reliable partnerships and supporters. Since the Egyptian revolution SEKEMs companies face various challenges. But thanks to a reliable and committed network of partners, who continuously supported SEKEM, even though they were aware of the difficulties, SEKEM is getting back on track.
logo-societal-life SEKEM unifies everything that is related to the relationship between people, community and society in the dimension of Societal Life. In 2016, SEKEM experienced a flourishing Societal Life, which is a consequence of the intertwining circles within SEKEMs wonderful network of partners and supporters. Generally, the societal year 2016 was strongly focusing on gender equality.
logo-cultural-life Many friends visited SEKEM in 2016 and enriched SEKEMs Cultural Life. While the yearly SEKEM Autumn Festival was characterized by different dance performances the second regular big SEKEM celebration, SEKEMs Spring Festival, fascinated by an enriching musical program. SEKEMs holistic cultural approach focused in 2016 especially to the youngest generation.
logo-ecology In the past years, SEKEM did not reclaim additional land (due to the challenges that Egypt went through since 2011), but could manage to keep the soil fertile. For its efforts in “revitalizing dry lands through biodynamic agriculture methods” and for combating desertification SEKEM received the Land for Life Award by the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification in 2015.
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Sustainable Development in Our Everyday Life

codeofconductSEKEM was founded with the idea of sustainable development and building of a prosperous future for the surrounding communities and Egypt. The vision that brought Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish to dig the first well in the vast desert land still resounds in SEKEMs approach of conducting business. Like a compass, the vision, mission and values guide the employees in the everyday work in all SEKEM companies.

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Reporting Sustainable Development

SEKEMs Report on Sustainable Development 2016SEKEM has developed its annual sustainability report since 2007 in order to measure its performance within the different aspects of sustainable development. This report is meant as an internal reporting and measurement tool, however share it transparently with whomever is interest to read it.

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The Sustainability Flower

Sustainabililty FlowerThe Sustainability Flower reflects the fourfoldness of sustainable development, with the ecological dimension broken down into separate elements and spheres. The Sustainability Flower represents a management, assessment and communication tool symbolizing the concept of sustainable development in its four dimensions (economic life, societal life, cultural life and ecology with its six sub dimensions).

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Food Security

SEKEM is convinced that only sustainable agricultural methods such as Biodynamic agriculture can secure the rising food demand of the coming 50 years. Here is a short explanation of food security and SEKEMs opinion how to address the problem.

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