All Recently certified Gold Standard Credits Already Sold Out

“Man Cannot Work Alone” is an essential belief that guided Ibrahim Abouleish when he established the SEKEM Initiative in Egypt. SEKEM’s governing principle is not only to reduce our ‘ecological footprint’, but to spread life and to contribute towards a better and healthier condition of the land and the people that we work with. This is the only way to create and sustain the conditions for a planet with more than seven billion people. SEKEM Tree Project, the first Gold Standard certified project in Egypt and the Middle East, was one step towards that goal.

“The story of SEKEM is almost unbelievable because, at the time, no one would have thought it possible to restore the lost fertility to the desert.” Francesco Illy, Amici Caffè Chairman says. Francesco is one of SEKEM’s many friends and true believers. Thanks to the Italian coffee company Amici Cafè, SEKEM Tree Project already sold all its Gold Standard credits, shortly after its launching in November. 

The aim of the project is to green the desert by planting a belt of around 100,000 Casuarina trees to sequestrate carbon in the soil and also to form a shield around the crops in the area. All the returns from the credits of SEKEM Tree Project are used to fund the “Greening the Desert” project.

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