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Reservations & Visits Are Currently

On Hold

In the context of the extreme health challenge that the world faces currently, we see it as our responsibility to help reduce and slow down the spreading of the new pandemic. Hence, based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the local authorities, SEKEM farm and Guesthouse will postpone all visits, events and gatherings.

SEKEMs Main Farm

SEKEMs Guesthouse is located at the main SEKEM Farm close to Belbeis, north-east of Cairo and is a wonderful place for relaxation. It offers 32 rooms, has its restaurant and modern meeting rooms, fully equipped to host conferences and workshops up to 60 participants. The Guesthouse restaurant serves its guests with wonderful breakfast, lunch, and dinner, prepared out of tasty Organic food, mainly produced by SEKEMs companies.

SEKEMs Head Office

3 Cairo-Belbes Desert Road
El Salam City
Cairo, Egypt

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