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The Modern Art of Movement – Eurythmy in Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egyptians were inspired by one of the most perfect instruments “the human body”, as a mean of artistic expression through movement. We can be amazed at the beauty and eloquence in which their inspiration, as eternally depicted on the walls of ancient Egyptian temples, still speak to us today Eurythmy continually develops as a modern movement art. The word Eurythmy means “beautiful rhythm” which is a unique vital movement, expressing the regularities of speech and music by human being. The three ways of expression speech, music and movement are getting unified and are creating a harmony of body, soul and spirit.

Eurythmy in Different Environments

Eurythmy in Education:

In education, eurythmy supports children and young adults in the development of their body and their soul and helps to bring them into harmony.

Eurythmy at the Workplace:

At the workplace, eurythmy helps to create awareness for the surrounding and supports the development of social skills. This improves the concentration and the durability of the employees. Furthermore, it cultivates the communication and cooperation skills, as well as the team and management abilities.

Eurythmy within Therapy:

Eurythmy can also be used as a therapy. Each illness also influences the physiological and movement system of the body. Thus, well applied, harmonic and healthy movements can ease an illness and support healing processes.

Eurythmy as an Art Form for Stage:

Just as dance, ballet or character dance, eurythmy is an international art for the stage. It covers a wide spectrum from individual musical pieces up to concerts or symphonies of large ensembles. Concerning linguistic works, lyrical and epic pieces as well as dramas can be performed.

Education and Training Courses in Eurythmy:

Eurythmy institutes can be found worldwide. Within Egypt the “School of Arts” at Heliopolis University, Cairo, offers a study program with a degree as a eurythmy teacher. Furthermore there are also training courses for eurythmy at the workplace.

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