People in SEKEM: Reham Ahmed

“I always look for challenges more than easy opportunities. Because that is how development happens,” Reham Ahmed says. The Product Manager of SEKEMs Company ATOS Pharma sees her job not only as a requirement for earning money, but as a part of her life where she can develop her capabilities and unfold potential.

The 32-years-old had studied Pharmaceutical Sciences and graduated from Cairo University in 2007. Directly afterwards, Reham had the opportunity to work at a pharmacy in her neighborhood. “But I quickly felt that this was not leading me to fulfill my dream,” she recounts. “I have always dreamt of being a pharmacist who constantly develops and at the same time serves the community with knowledge.”

Hence, Reham decided to take a step towards this vision by starting to work as a medical representative for a national pharmaceutical company. There, she gained wide experiences in marketing and strategic management. Reham knows: “good marketing strategies never depend only on theoretical studies. It also needs a definition of the market by practical research.”

Along seven years of working in the field of pharmaceutical marketing, Reham gained her current title: Product Manager. In this role she identifies the customer’s needs and develops promotion strategies accordingly. “A former colleague of mine, recommended ATOS Pharma to me. After checking the company’s philosophy I was sure that I want to work for them,’’ the talented speaker recalls.

Reham is aware of the challenges the Egyptian pharmaceutical market is facing, especially in regards to phytopharmaceuticals that are still a small niche market. “It is not easy to work with a concept of natural medicine in a market that invests a lot in the research on conventional medicine,” Reham names the challenge. “In the same time, we are facing the problem of only small provided research data for some phytopharmaceuticals.”

Reham Ahmed
“I always look for challenges more than easy opportunities. Because that is how development happens,” Reham Ahmed

However, the experienced Pharmacist sees good opportunities for natural medicine in Egypt. “Although, ATOS Pharma has many competitors on the market today the company is still known as the pioneer of phytopharmaceuticals since 1986. We apply stringent criteria during the selection of raw materials, which are only Organic grown herbs and natural ingredients”, she explains. Therefor, the products are certified for instance by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) or Demeter (certifier for biodynamic products).

Reham is totally convinced of the holistic concept that ATOS Pharma fosters since its establishment: not only relieving the symptoms, but treating the cause of the disease; enhancing the body’s immunity forces to regain balance and sustainable health. “Mostly, when it comes to children, old people or pregnant women, the doctors prescribing our phytopharmaceuticals because of the lower side effects,” the expert manager explains. “That also shows that the medicine is gentle for the body and efficient in the same time.”

Besides, Reham appreciates the research which is conducted by Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development and supports developing ATOS Pharma’s products. “Here, every molecule of the plants is considered, examined and the effects are scientifically proven. This also strongly supports us in merchandising the products,” says Reham.

The mother of two sons is cleverly able to balance between her family life and career. How? She developed her own formula for success: “Gain as much experience as possible, love what you do, be open to different perspectives, and first and foremost trust your capabilities.”

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